Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Silence is broken*

Today for a brief period the silence and rhythm of our retreat was broken! Well, actually it was more the rhythm of the retreat that was broken, as we did not get to talk. Never-the-less it was announced this morning that Bishop George Lucas (gotta love the name), bishop of Springfield, Illinois, was named Archbishop of Omaha. Following a press conference earlier the Archbishop designee made a several stops around the diocese, including I.P.F. (the program I am in for the summer). The Archbishop designee came and spoke with us for a few minutes, led prayer, and gave his blessing. Following the blessing he made his way to the sacristy where he met with his seminarians from Springfield as well as his future seminarians and priests from Omaha. It was quite exciting to be one of his first stops. I will also admit it was also quite nice to have a break to the day. The silence is wonderful, peaceful and prayerful, but one also faces "noise withdrawal." I have noticed everyone is singing louder at Mass each day. I am convinced it is just an excuse to use their voices.

According to a rival blog "whispers in the loggia," Bishop Lucas at 60 is "sweet" and "a delight." His embracement of technology and podcasting, as well as early reviews seem to be a good sign.

*note: by "rival blog" I mean it in the most general sense. I also consider myself a tennis rival of Andy Roddick, and a modeling rival of...actually no one. Of course I will admit that "whispers" gets about 2-3 million more hits a year than I do, but who is keeping track. I am gaining on him!

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You'll never catch that amazing blog Dracut Musings.

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