Saturday, July 26, 2008

Welcome to My First Blog Posting!

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Welcome to my blog! Stick with me as it will likely take me a few weeks to get the hang of this and to have some interesting things to say. But don't worry if I can accidently rip my pants at the Papal arrival I am sure it won't take long for me to make a fool of myself in Baltimore.

So here is where I am at.

I am currently packing my things up at home and preparing for the big move St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore. I am told that I am supposed to arrive on Thursday, August 21st between 9am-2:00pm. Earlier this month I was able to stop by St. Mary's and get a tour and was amazed by its beauty. It has beautiful grounds, is in a sweet neighborhood and the building itself is like something from the movies .....Hogwarts..... It has its own hotel for confrences and important guests, a beautiful chapel, amazing library, awesome classrooms and confrence rooms, a gym, a stocked dining room and even a pub. (once I am settled in I will post pictures)

I will be living in a my own dorm room, woo hoo, Trinity Alum I feel your pain, or will shortly.

There is a rule that pets are not allowed, which for any of you who have lived in a dorm before, makes perfect sense. Although I am not convinced that one of my college roommates of old, was not in fact an animal or at the least the missing link in evolution, but that is a posting for another day. But back to my point, Bellringer V may have some challenges. Now I contend he is not really a pet at all and more like a person trapped in a fish's body. Of course if that is a case I might be in some legal trouble for Bellringer I, II, III, IV. Never-the-less, stay tuned to see if I can smuggle the wee little fellow in. (Note: If anyone is reading this blog from St. Mary's, I am using an assumed name- I decided to use Andrew Nelson's name because he seems like a real nice guy, he works really hard and is a role model for all).

So there you have it. Welcome, stay tuned, keep checking in, post comments, add me to your favorites, let me know how life is treating you.


Important Blog News:

Please note this blog will begin being regularly updated after August 21st (when I arrive in Baltimore).