Monday, June 22, 2009

Mississippi Hot!

Today marked the first killer hot day of the summer. The temperature was 97 degrees with a real temperature reading (based on humidity, etc...) of 106. Tomorrow is supposed to be worse with 98 degree temperatures. Up until now it has beautiful weather here in Omaha with warm sunny days. I just came in from a walk (10:30pm) and it was 88 degrees out and humid as heck. It is gross when you work out more of a sweat walking then in the previous day's run.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) marks the official start to our summer ministries where we visit the sick, elderly, etc... My assignment is to visit the elderly at St. Joseph Tower. I am really looking forward to visiting some amazing people twice a week for the next six weeks. I am hoping that I can bring some joy and love to the lives of others and that the residents will do the same for me.

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