Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making the Simple Complicated

Sorry for the lapse in posts recently. I have been trying to stick to daily postings but ran out of steam this week. I am happily back in business after a great night's sleep and a late morning start!

The end of this week concluded with two days of lectures by Theology of the Body expert and author Christopher West. West is well known in Catholic circles for his work and well loved by most seminarians. I liked some of what West had to say but felt some of it was over done. He also had a very annoying habit of breaking into song to make his point, drawing on parts of 80's love songs. It worked for many of the guys but I could not help but to be annoyed. Sometimes I amazed at how complicated people can make faith. I may be the only one who thinks this way, in which case so be it, but sometimes I wonder the need for overly eloborate analogies, rich language and drawn discussions to look at God's love. In my humble estimation God's love for us is so great and far beyond our understanding that any attempt to understand it fully will fall short. Now I am not one to fall into the Jesus loves me camp and that is all I need. However, when we attempt to read into absolutly everything to fifty differnt levels I sometimes think we miss the beauty of God's love that can be found in its simplicty. It reminds me of people who go in vacation and try to do a million things with friends to say they had fun, when in fact the most fun they could have is sitting around a table, the lake or by the ocean and enjoying the moment. Rollar coasters are fun, adventurers are fun and fulfilling, however there is a depth and joy that comes in suplicity that can never be found in an amusement park or rafting down the colarado. The depth found in simplicity is in the heart.

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