Monday, June 29, 2009

Brilliant Idea, But I Can't Tell You About It

Tonight I am posting from a table outside of the dorm at Creighton. It is currently 12:17am and absolutely beautiful outside. If I were in New Hampshire right now I would have been carried away by mosquitoes and taken into the Forrest to feed their young. In Nebraska however, there seem to be few pesky bugs! The tornadoes must have something to do with it or perhaps Nebraska corn is like Venus fly traps for mosquitoes. Either way it is one of those nights to spend underneath the stars.

The reason I am outside is because I am working on a project for the fall. It is huge and involves the year of the priest. Hopefully on Tuesday I will be able to send out my proposal and recieve the approval to officially begin. Once we get a green light I will be sure to share the details. In the meantime I must use discretion and leave you guessing. Although I am dying to share inside because it is a great idea.

Last night the four other seminarians and I from St. Mary's went out for our official Omaha Steaks. The place we went to was said to be Warren Buffet's favorite. I was kind of counting on him to come and cover the tab, but we had no such luck. I am sure if he was there and saw us he would have.

The steak was great, but honestly not that different then what you get at home. The highlight for me was the passive aggressive waitress! I kept trying to anticpate what she could next that would be even more rude than before. All I will say is that she must have been a mind reader, because it went from bad to worse. I was nice and tried to be as Christ like, but secretly wished I could react like He did to the money changers in the table. After some further reflection, I realize there was nothing passive about her passive agressiveness. LOL

Well I probably should head to bed as there are only five lights on in the entire building (from my vantage point).

I am outside late at night brainstorming about a huge and exciting project I am planning for the fall. I do not have approval so I cannot mention on the blog yet, but God willing I might be able to soon. The only hint I can give you is that it is about the year of the priest. It is killing me that I cannot tell anyone about it.

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