Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Silent Retreat

Now that the entire seminary community is back, we will be kicking off the retreat with an official three day retreat. The retreat began earlier today. However, it really kicks into high gear at 7:30pm when it becomes silent. The retreat will end Thursday afternoon when all of the new guys sign a book and commit to a time of prayer and discernment. The book of covenant as it is known, contains the names of thousands of men who have passed through these halls before them. As the retreat is silent, computers are forbidden. I will accordingly be offline until Thursday at noon. In the meantime please keep me in your prayers, as you will be in mine.

p.s. I am hoping to figure out how to post some funny clips from our orientation video later this week. I will keep you posted of my progress there in.

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Wolfman said...

Hey Mr. Nelson, just letting you know that your blogs are still followed! We're all keeping you in our prayers as well, and thank you for your efforts on our behalf. Hopefully these new guys will also be given the revelations of Bellringer. Take care, God bless!

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