Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bocce Ball Tournament

Last night the seminary held its annual Bocce Ball Tournament. The night consisted of 24 teams battling for the title of Bocce Ball Champion. Believe it or not, I got the time wrong and arrived 15 minutes late. Because I was late I did not have a chance to get the team uniforms I had assembled for the evening's event. My teammate, Charlie Pawlowski was relieved. Although our team, the Bocce Bandits, lacked a uniform, we more than made up with it in skill. We crushed our opponents from Virginia, 11-6 in the first game. They barely beat us in the second game 11-6 and then snuck by us with a 11-7 win in third and final game. Disappointed and robbed of our rightful title, we remained at the tournament to support our brother seminarians. As the night went on the battle continued and the tension grew.
Manchester Seminarian Mike Zgonc, in the light colored dress shirt, planning his next shot.

Mike tells me this photo is a blur because he is "fast like a cheetah." I think it is poor photography.

He also assures me this is good Bocce Ball technique. .........

Manchester Seminarian Alan Tremblay, two time returning champion, watches from the sidelines after getting soundly eliminated in the semi-finals.

Despite Alan's stunning lost, the winner's cup was kept within the diocese. Jeff Paveglio from Chichester won the final round. All in all in was a great night and a wonderful opportunity to hang out with the guys.

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excellent points and the details are more specific than somewhere else, thanks.

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