Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Return to Normal

Today was the first real day in which life has returned to normal at the seminary. As we have Wednesdays off for pastoral assignments, Tuesday nights have become a chance to let of steam. This evening, after returning from spiritual direction, I headed down to the Donnelly (our Seminary Lounge-Pub) to hang out with the guys. The place was hopping with twenty guys sharing conversation, playing pool and poker, and just enjoying a quiet night. This year we have been blessed to welcome a new guy to the seminary who is out of music school. He is a brilliant musician with a real gift with the piano. All night he played Jazz tunes and turned a normally sleepy watering hole into a happening place.

In celebration of the great night and great company I made triple chocolate brownies and served them fresh out of the oven for everyone. As you can imagine they did not last long.

Yesterday also marked house elections for class presidents and litugy representatives. I was elected president of the 1st Theology class.

All in all tonight was a good night and a welcomed break from a long start of the year. It was also a sign that brighter days are ahead.

On a side note please keep Maria Shibley in your prayers. She is a dear friend's Grandmother and she is in her final stages of life.


Nick N said...

Congrats on being voted Prez.. just like back in high school, huh. I didn't know were a cook Mr. Nelson, where were these brownies back at Trinity! haha hope all is going well.

-your friend and student

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your presidential election! It sounds like your doing well and enjoying yourself. I heard that you're back at Trinity right now - is this true?

- Kimberly Denis

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