Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A New Job

Yesterday I accepted a job in the Seminary as Assistant Infirmarian. That is right I will be in charge of the health of others,sort of. I am excited because I get paid for 12 hours of work per week! My official responsibilities will include bringing meals to the sick, fetching band aids and refilling hand sanitizer pumps. I guess watching all those episodes of HOUSE are paying off. I wonder if I should get a cane and a lab coat? I have decided I should certainly have a name tag and perhaps a special coat. After all there must be some trappings for the job.

I am enjoying working with the head infirmarian, who is one of my good friends. He was a medic for many years and is very serious. I am enjoying having fun with my new position. Last night I drove him mad talking as if I was a thirty year veteran in the E.R., sharing war stories without actually saying anything. I am not sure if he knows I am serious or not. Either way I continue in my belief that one must embrace the joy of Christ in all things and laugh regularly.

Tomorrow will be a busy day as I have three classes (first day with them), an important meeting (I am meeting with some other guys and a possible major donor for the seminary's program- no pressure!)and evening prayer with the Archbishop of Baltimore.

Please keep in your prayers the health of several people close to me who are in need of intercession!

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