Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day #2

Today, the first full day of silence, was filled with many ups and downs. After an initial period of adjustment I have found much peace in the silence of the day. It is amazing how much of a difference it makes when distractions are put aside. The halls are silent, the dining area is silent, everywhere is silent. In this silence I have begun to notice the birds outside, the little things of life and creation. It sounds corny, but the world looks a lot different when you are paying attention to it.

My four one hour periods of prayer have been mixed. To be honest I have spent much of the time struggling to remain focused. With the outside distractions eliminated as best as possible (my first hour of prayer was interrupted by loud construction workers!), the only distractions that remain are the inside ones. This is where the great challenge for me is, as my mind races in one hundred different directions all at once. Over the next few days I hope to receive the graces necessary to tune out where my mind wishes to wander and tune in what God wants.

In four hours of prayer today, I would have to say thirty minutes of it was very fruitful. The other three and half hours where part of the process of decluttering my mind.

One great tool I am using to guide some of my time is a book called "The Road of Life" by David Adam. It is a book on Celtic Spirituality that I randomly ordered from and it is fantastic. Below is a passage a read today that I thought was most appropriate.

"I weave a silence on to my lips
I weave a silence into my mind
I weave a silence within my heart
I close my ears to distractions
I close my eyes to attractions
I close my heart to temptations

Calm me, O Lord, as you calmed the storm
Still me, O Lord and keep me from harm
Let all the tumult within me cease
Enfold me Lord in your peace."

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, a number from our diocese, seminarians, ordained and instructors at the seminaries charged with forming our priestly vocations are present in Omaha with you this week. I've been priviledged to witness many beautiful conversions come from IPF experiences. I pray, this week especially, that one will also come for you. In the wake of the birthday of the Church, let the Holy Spirit assist you in this time of sorting the outside noises AND the inside noises.

Matt Althoff

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