Saturday, May 23, 2009

Water Falls, Butterflies and Gary Indiana

After two days in the car I have made it to Chicago (2/3 of the way their).

My Observations from My Drive:

Day #1:

Nice, but buys

NY State:
Beautiful (upstate)
Depressing- when the GPS says next turn 289 miles!

Featured Stop: Niagara Falls- huge, amazing, wicked cool (walked 3/4 of a mile to avoid $18 parking charges- grrrrrrrrr)

Toronto: Interesting but not exciting, in reality it was kind of boring

Day #2:

Ontario: flat for the most part, lots of farms, feels very foreign (no wonder)

Michigan: Boring but with trees, two thumbs up for 70MPH speed limit, too much construction, found beautiful butterfly in grill plate :(

Northern Indiana/Illinois(Chicago)- Gary, IN to Chicago is the ugliest drive I have ever been on- all gas tanks, power lines, smog, construction and crazy drivers

Chicago: Sweet as always/Catching up with friends from ND and Mississippi. Shout out to the Althoffs!

Day #3:

will let you know when it is done, going sailing at Three!


her sister-in-law said...

Yea!! Chicago in the summer, always fun. I hope you guys have/had a great sail! Maybe we'll see you in SD!

Anonymous said...

First a squirrel, then a black and white animal in the road, now an innocent butterfly! What can I say?

Cathy W. said...

Gary Indiana is the worst city to drive through in the 9 Canadian provinces and 44 states that we've driven through. Watch out also for South Bend and Cleveland. You want to avoid them at all costs! Lots of construction, but now that you've seen Gary, you can handle anything! COngrats!

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