Monday, December 1, 2008

Danger, Adventure, and Uncertainty

Where we last left off I was posting with little battery time left. I happy to report the fine folks at Best Buy have come to my rescue. My computer is charged and ready for business.

This morning it was back to work at the seminary as the final week of classes has arrived ! :):):):):):)

Seemingly everyone came back wishing they had been more productive during their Thanksgiving break. I had hoped to write three papers and only completed one. :(

My remaining assignments to complete by Saturday are:

1. edit/proofread 10 page research paper draft - Prayer/Priesthood
2. Write a 2 page paper using an extended metaphor (not sure what it means) - Communication for Pastors
3. 4-6 page History of Philosophy Paper
4. Take Home Final Exam- Philosophy of Nature

Beyond these assignments I have Oral Exams for two courses and then I am done.

***** Pressing Question *******************

Thanks to the generosity of a good friend I am in possession of a round trip Southwest Airlines ticket good for anywhere in the country. The only catch is I have to use it during this upcoming Christmas break and fly standby. This of course means that wherever I go must be on a whim. Being someone who loves adventure and the unplanned, i am most excited about the prospect.

Now this of course leaves me trying to figure out what I should do. I have decided to leave it open to all of you. I am placing my future and happiness totally in your hands. So please respond by posting your comments below. Share your thoughts and vote! This is kind of like one of those choose your own adventure books and I am the character trapped in the book.

The Choices Are:

1. Go to Florida the day classes finish and celebrate completing my first semester by relaxing on a beach and reading a good book for a few days before coming back to cold NH. (If anyone knows anyone who is willing to lend out a Condo to a poor seminarian, please let me know!)

2. Go to Burbank California with the soul purpose of trying to get on the PRICE IS RIGHT.

3. Visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. It sounds warm.

4. Head to San Antonio, Texas and visit the Dr. Pepper Museum (and the Alamo).

5. Your choice, suggest somewhere different



Anonymous said...

I vote Florida!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

florida sounds great.....or so does hollywood california

Anonymous said...

California, remember when you got on TV as Sharkman for president...I'm sure you can get on the price is right!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Pepper all the way!

Anonymous said...

Definitely California! It would be a better deal, too, since tickets to go there are always more expensive than tickets to Florida. Say hello to Drew Carrey for me!


Anonymous said...

New Mexico is beautiful at any time of the year, I loved it when we were there. Plus, you could visit some history sites and some way fun cultural landmarks (yum, Dr. Pepper...)

Annie G. said...

Definately Florida. Depending on where you go, my grandparents have a house in Port Charolette. They won't be there during Christmas vacation but I'm sure they'd be more than willing to leave the house to your pleasure. Let me know. Hope you're doing well!


Anonymous said...

THE ST FRANCIS INN! I know how much you miss Father Bill and Sister Leslie. ;)

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when i read the dr. pepper idea (and I'm not surprised at all!). I vote for california so you can go on the price is right anddd read on the (awesome) beaches there.


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