Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Man vs. Monkey

Earlier this week a professor of mine sent out an email looking for volunteers. The professor teaches Philosophy, so I knew exactly what I needed to do. Without bothering to read the details I emailed him back saying I was in for whatever. (note: bad idea, really bad idea, always read the small print first).

Well it turns out the professor needed volunteers to help a friend out with her work at a neighboring college. So not really knowing what it was, I set up the first of two meetings. The first meeting was 90 minutes long and was some sort of psychological evaluation. I reviewed my life story and seemingly answered tons of questions on everything from my driving habits to my favorite foods. I was even asked whether I liked Bananas or Apples better. I said bananas because I like to put them on my cereal.

I just set up the second appointment and I am more than nervous. Apparently my cognitive functioning will be measured. I will be observed by a group of students as I complete a series of tasks. I am told they will be simple puzzles to complete and tasks to figure out. I will be timed and watched carefully for my reaction.

Apparently I will be competing against a monkey. Groups of eager college students will be watching to see if yours truly is smarter than Curious George! Now as I understand it I will not be competing at the same time, but none the less I am a little scared that I might lose. I might be the test case that proves some monkeys are smarter than humans.


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