Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mass, Macy's + Madness


I spent this morning with the Trinity community celebrating the Advent season and the approach of Christmas. The best Christmas present I could for ask for was being able to see everyone again and to share in the beauty and power of the Mass. The choir was subperb and nearly made me cry at several points. Mr. Maurier's solo was outstanding as always, as were the solos by choir members (including Ms. Byron- who has been secretly hiding an amazing musical talent all this time). It was also nice to see so many alumni back again for the Mass. Because of the inclement weather the party after was cut short and everyone made their way home.


It has been snowing like crazy all day and it is great! It finally feels like Christmas and it just feels right, as long I stay inside and am looking out the window at the cold and am not in it.


I decided to drag Father Jerome out to the store with me in the midst of the storm to do some Christmas shopping. We arrived at Home Goods at 8:30pm and Macy's at 9:30pm and we were literally the only people in the stores. It was rather strange to arrive at a department store with only 1 other car in the entire parking lot. It was amazing as there were no crowds, no lines and tons of personal service. Next year I will be sure to do my shopping in the middle of the snow!

I had intended to write something exciting but instead I will head to bed (it is almost 12:30am). ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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Brenda said...

Hi Andrew -
Well, somebody doesn't want me to connect with you! Everytime I comment on your blog it doesn't work, and the letter I mailed you came back 'undelieverable'!!! Anyway, I just want to say hi and tell you I'm enjoying reading about your new life. Please let Father Jerome know I have the perfect solution for poor, pathetic Mr. Tux - a friend! I'd be happy to accomodate!
Brenda Robinson

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