Thursday, December 11, 2008

The St. Raphael Informer

Early this morning I realised the first ever edition of the St. Raphael Informer, the official newspaper of the St. Raphael rectory, where I am spending a few weeks of my Christmas break this year. The Informer is a hilarious newspaper, written by yours truly, that takes a fun look at daily life at the parish. The total circulation is 5 copies, which includes the housekeeper, the secretary and a few others.

Today's edition highlights include
-an expose on "Inhumane Living Condition of Seminarians"- my attempt to convince Father Jerome to buy a new bed for the guest room in which I am staying, as it is uncomfortable

-"Mr. Tux is sad"- an Enquirer style story on the lonely cat at the rectory that wants more attention- the story includes a "newly uncovered copy of Mr. Tux's letter to Santa requesting an owner that pays more attention to him"

-Homily Reviews- like movie reviews....

-Bacteria Gone Bad- a story on the importance of cleaning out the refectory refrigerator

All and all the paper was a big hit and will continue daily until I head home to my family. Tomorrow's headline will be an expose on the lack of Christmas Spirit- (a reminder that it is about time to put up some Christmas Decorations). I am also planning a food critics evaluation of tonight's dinner, which Father has been working hard to create.

God gives us so many good things we should be grateful for them all, and share in the joy of Christ. Hence, the Saint Raphael Informer will continue to be published for the next few weeks to help us laugh and enjoy this wonderful life in one small corner of the world.

p.s. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I hate take home finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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