Wednesday, September 28, 2011

220th Annual Bocce Ball Tournament

Keeping a house tradition alive we had our annual Bocce Ball Tournament a few weeks ago. Thanks to the hard work of Mike Zgonc (Community Life Chair) the evening was a great success. Over 25 teams competed. However, my team was eliminated handily in the first round. I blame my team partner Mike Zgonc! Either way it was a great night to kick off some steam and to enjoy good food, good drinks, and good fun.

Diocese of Syracuse Seminarian Zach Miller makes a toss

Father Hy enjoys the day (Father Hy is a brilliant man with an amazing personal story, and a nationally known and respected theologian)

Diocese of Portland, Maine Seminarian Brad Morin makes a shot. Brad is sporting his Maine woodsman uniform

Arguably the most Italian guy in the house, Chris Mannerino from the Diocese of Pittsburgh- looks pensive after a stunning first round defeat

Diocese of Trenton Seminarian Jean Felicien dominates in yet another house sporting event

My former mentor and southerner (note the jacket) Father Michael Barre, enjoys the afternoon. Father Barre is a brilliant scripture scholar and can translate languages that have not been spoken in thousands of years!

Wilimington Seminarian Brian Lewis- Brian, spent part of this last summer making the Camino pilgrimage across northern Spain

Danny Cogut from the Diocese of Richmond lands a perfect shot. Danny has a huge heart and does a lot of work on behalf of the poor. He also is a computer genius and rescues guys when their computers quit on them

Greensburg Seminarian Tyler Bandura speaks with house spiritual director Father Larry Terrien

Manchester's Mike Zgonc- my Bocce ball partner- We lost in the first Round!

Manchester Seminarian and House President Deacon Alan Tremblay takes it all in

Father Lopez and Father Miller take a break

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