Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Lazy End to the Week

For the past several weeks the weather at the seminary has been largely cloudy/rainy. The result is a very subdued atmosphere in the house. After the initial start of the year the work is beginning to pile up and guys are hibernating in their rooms. This morning we were greeted with the first real taste of Fall with temperatures worthy of sweatshirts.

I have always loved the Autumn and the change of the leaves. The crisp air and cold nights carry with them a special beauty which always sings so beautifully across Northern New England. As I hunker down this weekend to write two homilies and an academic paper I am excited to be creeping closer to Thanksgiving, Christmas and time at home and away from school.

I decided this morning to take a different turn with today's blog posting and to post beautiful pictures I have come across. I figure it matches the feeling of this day as I take a quiet moment to sit by the window listening to quiet music, reflecting on the Gospels, cranking out a few homilies and loving the crisp Autumn air that is filling my room. Enjoy

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