Monday, September 19, 2011

What we know

What we have learned about the new Bishop today ( a special shout out to Sarah Jane von Haack over at Parable Magazine):

- He speaks Spanish, French, Slovakian & Italian

- According to Parable magazine editor Sarah Jane von Haack, the new Bishop said that he will "pray his brains out" in order to prepare for his new role.

- He is of Slovakian, Sicilian & British Ancestry

- His favorite dessert is Blueberry pie a la mode

- He said to the Trinity High School Community
"We are ready to our part to build the Church"

- His motto will be "Arise and Walk"

- He said the most important way to approach ministry is with compassion

- He was born in Queens (less hope he is not a Yankees Fan!)

- He is beloved in Rockville Center and they are mourning their loss

- He regularly visited the Seminary there, and is well known and regarded by the guys there, including those from other dioceses

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