Monday, September 19, 2011

Exciting News! The Question Remains About What?

As of Midnight the Union Leader is running a lead story about a major press conference with the Bishop at the Cathedral Rectory at 10:00am. There is much speculation as to what the conference pertains to. Many of course are wondering if we might be getting word on the appointment of a new bishop, as Bishop McCormack is one year and one month past the mandatory retirement age and the the oldest actively serving bishop in the United States. There certainly is a lot of buzz and even more speculation, which is of course compounded by the fact that there is officially no comment as to what it pertains to and all those who might be in the know, are doing a good job of keeping quiet. If it is not the big announcement than whatever it is, is sure to gain plenty of attention. Either way stay tuned here for the latest news.

and be sure to check out the story over at the Union Leader.

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