Thursday, September 22, 2011

A New Adventure or a Foolish Whim?

As I was organizing my goals for the seminary this year I was asked to come up with some "Human Formation Goals". Each year we are asked to focus on areas Spiritual goals, Academic goals, Pastoral goals and Human goals. Tomorrow I am set to meet with my faculty mentor to review them and make adjustments, after which i will post the final product on here so you have a sense of how it works. Nevertheless when I was formulating my human goals I decided I wanted to add something in the category of a hobby, something to entertain the mind and relax it at the same time. Since we do so much reading and pastoral work, I wanted something totally away from the rhythm of life, thus recreational reading was out of the question. My entire life I have been in awe of people with real musical talent, people who can pick up an instrument and make it sing. In junior high and high school I was in our school band and played the baritone horn. I enjoyed it but never hit any home runs, I solid middle of the road player. So, I decided to try and pick up and learn a musical instrument. Loving all things Irish I did a lot of research and decided to try the Irish Concertina.

It will probably be a big disaster which I will regret, but I figure I have regretted not having a musical instrument I can play all these years, what is the worst I could do, regret having tried. I have only told two guys as I am a little embarrassed and do not want anyone making any jokes as I will get discouraged. (So if you are a St. Mary's Seminarian and reading this right now- please help me keep my secret project secret, at least until which time I am ready to share it). Time will only tell whether this is a big lesson in humility or whether it is an opportunity for an exciting new area of interest. I am hoping for the second, but preparing for the first. Stay tuned for my progress, or for a hot tip on a great deal on a Concertina for sale on Ebay.

No matter what happens I can't look worse than this guy!

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Patty D from NC said...

Perhaps we can find you a puffy shirt (Sienfeld reference). Good luck!

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