Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

This weekend the Seminary kept with tradition and held its annual Halloween Party. As one of the House Infirmarians I decided to have a little fun with my costume. Since the outbreak of the Swine Flu last spring things hear have gotten a little crazy. We have purell dispensers every ten feet it seems and are constantly being reminded to use hand sanitizer. So after some consultation the other infirmarian and myself decided to go as the Swine Flu and Purell. With a little creative ingenuity we were able to pull it off. I had to rummage for boxes at Lowes, inhale way too much spray paint and spend hours stuck standing up in a box. In the end it was worth it as it brought great joy to the party.

The House Halloween Party was held in the Seminary Lounge. It included lots of great refreshments and most all of the seminarians and faculty. Of course being Halloween themed we had lots of fun decorations on the walls and fog machines as well. The pumpkin carving contest tested the artistic sides of many and the apple bobbing the athletic prowess. Although I did find it quite ironic that we purell every ten seconds, yet apple bob, but I digress. In the end it was a great chance to kick back and take a much needed break from exams, papers and class...

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