Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bad Combo

In priestly formation there are two major portions of classes, Philosophy and Theology. Luckily I was only required to do one year of Philosophy instead the usual two. Beginning Theology classes and entering the Theology program is considered an important milestone in priestly formation. At St. Mary's as at most seminaries this change is marked by the requirement of having to wear clerics to class each day. Not having worn much black before I am discovering many small practical things which can be challenging. On the base level it is much easier wearing the exact same thing every day. I never thought I would like it but wearing a "uniform" is easy. However, being the person I am I have discovered quickly that black is not always the best for a person like me. Case in point this morning I moved a nice grey wool fuzzy blanket in my room. I am no covered if fuzzy lint and I cannot get it off. AHHHHHHHHH. Unfortunately I am off to Mass, then to a parish meeting (I am assigned to one for the year) and then back to a boring meeting for accreditation and then homework. . .

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Anonymous said...

andrew hope you made it to mass on time.

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