Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Delay & A Shout Out!

I had hoped to publish my birthday photos with you all today, however they are currently on the camera of a seminarian who is sick. I have decided to wait to them until he is better.

One of my jobs at the seminary is that of assistant infirmarian. I am in charge of helping to ensure the health of others. Realistically that means that I deliver meals to the sick. This past week business has been brisk, as four seminarians have had colds of various degrees. Generally they have been really good about asking for help and staying in their rooms and away from others. However, one challenge of living in community is when people choose to go to class, prayers and meals, even when they are sick. The house rule is that when you are sick, you must stay in your room. Unfortunately some guys do not abide by it and sneak to classes, etc... The problem comes when they are contagious and spread illness to others. This disregard of the health and safety of others has become a pet peeve of mine, one I remember all to well from the classroom.Luckily most of the guys here have been great. Those who have not are spoken to and "asked" to stay in their rooms. All in all it is a good system which keeps as all healthy. I do wish that I thought enough to invest in purell a few years ago. I would be rich if I did.

On one final note, I just received the newest picture of the new cat my family is getting later this month. I am not a big cat person, but I can't deny this kitten is cute. (this picture is a special shout out to my good friend Priscilla, who has a special place in her heart for all God's creatures, especially cats)

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