Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Adventure

This weekend I was sent to my first parish assignment at Immaculate Conception Parish in Towson. Immaculate Conception or I.C. is a huge parish with an incredibly active community. Each weekend it has 7 masses, each of which is relatively full. The parish also has a 24 hour Eucharistic Adoration chapel, a 571 student elementary school and extensive grounds.

Five of my brother seminarians and myself made our first appearance at the parish this weekend and introduced ourselves at each Mass. The people were incredibly nice and welcoming, although they were not so excited that I was from New England (the Baltimore Ravens played the Pats on Sunday). In fact one of my favorite parts was when a fourth grader folded his arms and gave me a mean death stare because I was a patriots fan. After each Mass we chatted up the parishoners and began to become part of the community. I even had time to help out with the blessing of the animals which brought back many great memories from Trinity. For some reason the blessing of the animals was always one of my favorite nights as a teacher. I think it was because I was able to see what made my students really happy, their pets. There was always such joy at such a night. At Immaculate Conception the mood was much the same. The crowd was mostly dogs and cats, but there were also some fat guinea pigs and hamsters and a scared snake. However, the pet that needed it most, the neighborhood squirrel with a broken tale, did not attend.

Tonight I was at the parish again, but this time it was to help with the R.C.I.A. program (for people coming into the Catholic faith as adults). It was a great night except for when the priest presenting turned to be and asked me a question related to Theology. I ducked. Actually when the entire class turned around to see my answer I ducked down and hoped for the best.

It is crazy to think not long ago I was teaching in front of a classroom and now I am helping out at a parish. (although I should curb my excitement as I still have a long way to go!)

Well off to bed.


Anonymous said...

In all seriousness...whoever made these videos and special effects should be pursuing a career in Hollywood..not the preisthood. AWESOME VIDEOS!!! Very funny....

Anonymous said...

I agree about the videos - very good work - very very funny
Good luck with your parish assignment - we're sure you will be great ! Also happy birthday - 2 days ahead of time - Maureen Halligan

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