Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Mornings :(

I am not sure what God was thinking when He created Monday mornings. Worse yet I am not sure what He had in mind when he came up with the whole rainy Monday morning thing, unless of course he meant for us to sleep in (my belief). This morning I barely could wake myself in time for breakfast and morning prayer. (note: I wish I had gotten up earlier and went to Dunkin Donuts, to use the sweet birthday gift card sent to me from one of G-Town's greatest residents, and purchased large amounts of caffeine).

Every Monday morning at St. Mary's we have something called Sulpician meditation. Instead of saying the office (psalms-which we instead do on our own-just on Monday mornings), we gather in the chapel, and are led in a guided mediation. The meditation asks us to begin by shutting our eyes. Then we are led through a series of reflections on a short passage from the Gospel, lasting about twenty minutes. It is in fact wonderfully done and helpful when your mind and body are awake and not angry with you for vacating your bed. The challenge for me is the whole shutting your eyes part. Shutting them is the easy part, opening them again not so much.
I feel like that it is a dangerous proposition clearly devised by a morning person. On the one hand it is nice to shut one's eyes and reflect, however on the other I live in fear I will fall asleep and snore. I am told it has happened before, but I shudder to think the laughs my buddies would get from it. When I shut my eyes in the morning it is lights out. I wish I could stay awake like the rest, but I just can't especially on Mondays! In the end I have fought the temptation to fall asleep, this morning I did have to open my eyes for a moment and saw some head bobbing.

In the end I suppose God knows our hearts and our humanity, and I give it my best. However, I secretly wonder if I am the only one who begins my Monday morning Sulpician meditation by saying "please God don't let me fall asleep."

Over and out!-

-Mr. Nelson

p.s. prayers needed for paper marathon #2, details to follow.

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John Paul Shimek said...

Andrew, I can relate -- oh how I can relate. I used to think I had it bad because we had our Sulpician Meditations on a Thursday afternoon (when most everyone was just struggling to get to the end of another week).

Back at TC we called SM "Sulpician Nap-Time." I would advise not falling asleep, because I think that's when the Sulpicians take over your body.

Honestly, I never got anything out of those meditations. OD does a much -- MUCH -- better job.

So, take it for what its worth: a nap time.

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