Monday, October 13, 2008

A Day Out

It is 12:16am and St. Mary's is as quiet as a nursing home after Wheel of Fortune and Jeporady. Everyone is fast asleep awaiting the dreaded Monday morning. Since I probably should be asleep too I will keep this post short. This week was a busy one. We had tons of readings, meetings and other such things going on. I recieved my first Philosophy paper back and was happy to see I passed with a B+. I will keep working for an A+.

I was overjoyed on Friday when the weekend finally arrived. I must be honest I actually took it easy this weekend and it was great. I caught up on my sleep and found time to hang out with friends. Friday night I went to a great San Salvadoran Restaurant with another Manchester Seminarian and later to the movies with a few of the guys. On Saturday I enjoyed a dinner prepared by two Seminarians from Columbia. It was some sort of rice/stew/vegatable combo and it was great (I love food)!

This morning a group of the new seminarians visited St. Charles. St. Charles was a high school seminary (a place where high school students went to discern if they where called to be priests). It closed in the 1980's and has since been developed as senior citizen housing. It is a really neat place as they have interegrated housing with the old seminary buildings. The center of the property is the beautiful chapel which is now a parish. It is kind of neat as the senior citizens have their own parish on the grounds. We went to Mass and toured the amazing grounds. All in all it was a great day.


Anonymous said...

who is the fat ugly guy second from the left in the first picture?

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures! That is neat that there is a place just for senior citizens. later.

Anonymous said...

sounds really great mr nelson

everythings good at trinity, we had the psats today, and last week was the pep rally.

we miss you :)

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