Saturday, October 4, 2008

Secret Posting!

Good morning and Happy Feast of St. Francis. Since Mr. Nelson has been promising you pictures of St. Mary's forever and hasn't really come through, I figured I would take matters into my own hands, paws actually. who knows when he will get around to it. You know how he is, always busy with work or professional modeling. Bellringer, his pet fish, was going to come to but I could not carry the fish bowl and the camera. Sorry buddy.

First stop the all important Dunkin Donuts Coffee (Go New England!)

Welcome to my Home, St. Mary's Seminary!

We train seminarians to be priests here and we also have a center for people from other faiths to study God. (I love these signs!)

Now our first stop is class. These hallways are huge, the floors are crazy. I can see myself.

My favorite class was Mr. Nelson's, but this one is not bad. (Not as much fun however!)

Oops, can't forget to address the New York Yankees Fan Club.

Check the mail. How sad his mailbox is empty. :( Good thing his BIRTHDAY IS OCTOBER 17th! Oh look his mailbox number is 43, that is Box 43, 5400 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21210.

Time for a quick lunch

Some fun

Dinner! The food is great and the servers and chefs are super nice!

Some golf on the grounds

Time to eat again, my favorite, besides prayer!

A quick drink

A work out

Time to study in the library, man my eyes are tired. Everything is blurry.

A little research for later

Our lounge is a great place for my favorite drink, Dr. Pepper. Only Diet Coke tonight :(

A quick game of pool. I always let the others win.

Another Diet Coke and some T.V.

Check my favorite blog The Adventures of Mr. Nelson & Bellringer

Night Prayer (I wanted to show you the chapel too, but no animals are allowed.)

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (dreaming.... of cookies being sent to my mailbox....chocolate chip ones... and swedish fish...)


Anonymous said...

Dear Squirrel,

You have done a great job reporting on "the life" in the seminary.

Now when is his birthday?

Give Bellringer a hug.

I hope EVERYONE who sees your posting will send a comment so we can encourage you to continue your great reporting.


The JP II Campus Ministry Center said...

You need to have a "Bellringer's Day Off" type of adventure and blog on that. The JPII Campus Ministry Center misses Bellringer and Mr. Nelson too.

Make sure Mr. Nelson keeps working on his papers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Nelson,

I was sitting in Mass this morning when they mentioned that they were doing the blessings of the animals today and I couldn't help but remember the years when Mr. Muffin was trucked down to good old Trinity. It also made me remember that I needed to come check your blog and say hi and that I miss you and hope that everythings well at school. I love the pictures of the squirrel I'm glad to see you havent lost your humor or the willingness to go over the top to bring a smile on to everyones face.

May God Bless you,


Anonymous said...


I love the blog...the squirell angle is great...has the diocese considered posting a link on their website? Have you considered to see if the dioecese would approve a Union Leader interview (where you can plug your blog)? Also-has the seminary considered putting a link on their website...after all, their website doesn't seem to have that type of thing on it though it is a nice website. Also, I have noticed that when you enter info in google to look for your blog, ie: "andrew nelson bellringer blog" sometimes your original one comes up. Is there a way to get that one not to come up so that you get the most modern one instead? Also-have you considered the dioecese approving a K of C plug in their magazine, etc. It is a great ministry. Brings it all to life. The pictures are great too. Sorry I haven't been on your blog more. Things should quiet down in a few weeks.

Hope all is well.

Happy Birthday on October 17th!!!


Nalette said...

St. Mary's looks great!
btw I remember that squirrel very well haha glad you guys are still hanging out! and the big Bday is comin up, mine passed not too long ago. My mailbox was empty.. sorta.. hope yours isn't haha

catch ya later


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nelson,
i went to get your cockies twice and they were not home. i will keep trying though. hopefully i will get them to you this week.


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