Tuesday, August 11, 2009


One of the most wonderful parts about being a seminarian is meeting incredible and holy people. Whether it be a wicked awesome family from the North Country, a faithful parishioner from St. Kathryn's in Hudson or a charming woman named June, the people I have met along the path to priesthood have strengthened my vocation in innumerable ways. Today I will introduce you to one of the many who are part of my journey. I hope to share with you others along the way.

From the moment I arrived in Omaha this summer, she was there. At first I did not know she existed, but she knew about me. In fact, she began and ended each day saying my name. Before arriving in Nebraska the word June only meant one of two things, a beautiful month or a nasty beetle. June Schweiger is a beautiful person, but not a nasty beetle. Everyday this past summer June served as my "spiritual mom" at the IPF program. She prayed for me, and for God to enliven my heart and soul. During the long days of summer and when I was struggling through readings, she quietly sat in her West Omaha home, asking God to help and guide me. The power of prayer was not lost on June and I am witness to its effects.

A couple days before leaving Omaha I was able to meet up with June and enjoy a wonderful dinner and even some Stone Cold Ice Cream. June shared with me the story of her beautiful and amazing family. It was quite evident that she raised them well and with great love. Everything about her was a living witness to the power of God, faith and our call to share His love with the world. In my short time out west June did just this for me. Before leaving I was assured that she would continue praying for me each and every day. I am hoping to one day return to Omaha and continue our friendship (and to return to Cold Spring).

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