Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first week back at the Seminary this year has been action packed and exciting to say the least. Sunday evening I arrived at the Seminary at 9:00pm, after a long day’s drive and lots of traffic. As the Seminary is still on summer break the campus was a ghost town. The only people on campus were a few priests and my fellow orientation co-chair and diocesan brother, Alan Tremblay. Alan arrived earlier in the day on Sunday so I did not need to be worried about being let in, or so I thought. Unfortunately for me Alan left his phone in his car by mistake and I was left outside the seminary with no way to get in. After frantic searches for life and a growing temptation to through a small rock against the Rector’s window to get his assistance, Alan finally realized his mistake when he looked at his watch and wondered why I had not arrived 45 minutes early like he thought I would. I did arrive, but he missed my calls. As soon as he figured out his mistake Alan bolted down the stairs and out the door to help me move back in. After a late night (2:30am), my room was cleaned and ready to go for a new year.

Monday and Tuesday of this week have been dedicated to organizing for the orientation program which includes everything from “full bellhop service,” to meals, excursions and mentoring. Thankfully we have a wonderful group of guys who have really stepped in to make things happen. Tomorrow promises to be a stressful day as all last minute preparations must be completed so that we are ready for Thursday morning and the 22 new men.

On a lighter note we took Charlie Pawlowski, a NH seminarian, out for his 33rd birthday to the local Red Robin Restaurant. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal of burgers and fries, and most importantly each other’s company. I was very disappointed that my request to have the Red Robin Mascot visit our table, and sing Charlie the Red Robin Birthday song, was denied. Although it might have been just as well as it would have surely resulted in an embarrassing YouTube clip in which a disgruntled birthday boy angrily wrestles a man in a large red bird costume. It would have been great never-the-less, here is to next year!

p.s. Say a prayer a 3:00pm today, I have an important meeting about the secret project I have been working on. Should it go well, I will be able to share it with you here tomorrow.

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