Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Almost Home!

After three days of driving I made it back to Vermont where I spent a day and half with my sisters. Following my visit I returned to NH for an appointment with the diocese, and then got back in the car to make the three hour drive to Willimantic, CT for a three day retreat. The retreat is for all the seminarians in the diocese.

I am sure the three day retreat will be amazing. After the first few hours I am very hopeful. I will admit however, that I am a little anxious to get home and spend a few days on vacation before the summer ends as quickly as it began. Being in Nebraska was a wonderful opportunity, however having pretty much straight at since September, I am ready for a break. My break will be less than two weeks so I have decided to keep a really low profile and take some time for myself.

Beginning tomorrow afternoon each of the seminarians will have a series of private meetings in which our next year's work is mapped out. I am most excited and anxious for my meeting. I am not expecting any surprises, however one never knows. One thing I am curious of is whether or not I am still scheduled to learn Spanish next summer. If I am expected to take part in a Spanish immersion program the follow-up question will be where.

Keep me in your prayers. Until my update tomorrow...

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