Monday, April 27, 2009

A Waiting Game

Today marked the start of the final two weeks of classes before final exams. I am excited as it will be nice to be free of work for a while. Currently I am taking six classes. Two of them I am essientially done with, provide I keep doing the readings and little stuff. In two of them I have papers do this week, one of which I just finished tonight and the other one I hope to finish by Thursday. In the two remaining classes I am still have two major papers that have not been assigned. Currently I am in the middle of a giant waiting game, hoping the professor will have to give up on them and cancel them, calling it a year. My hope is real and every day gets me closer. As a precautionary measure most of the guys share an understanding that we will not ask, lest we remind him. As a further measure I have made sure any possible weak links who might be tempted to inquire about such outstanding work, know that it is not advisable. Here is to hoping my plan works.

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Anonymous said...

hopefully the professor doesn't read this blog...

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