Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fishy Business

Where to begin? Back in February when we had a week's vacation I was planning on going away. So not wanting to starve my dearest bellringer (my fish), I arranged to have a Colombian seminarian who was staying at St. Mary's babysit him. The arrangement worked out brilliantly and he was happy to oblige. When I got back to the seminary the next week it was crazy busy and I did not retrieve my dearest fish. After I week went by I noticed the seminarian who was watching him, happily showing him off to his brother seminarians from Colombia. He was having them come in his room and look at him and was excited to see that bellringer was friendly. The brilliant fish would swim to the top of the tank whenever he walked by and seemed to get along well.

Now one needs to consider that when one is away from home, and home is in Colombia, there is not really an opportunity to have a lot of things to decorate your room with. So, hence I first came up against the bellringer moral dilemma. Do I retrieve my dear fish friend from someone whose room is sparesly decorated, and is far from home, and who finds great joy from my fish. My intial strategy was to just wait and figure eventually he would be returned.

Now I am in over my head and bellringer has been away for over a month. Earlier this week I went in to visit him at the same time my Colombian friend did. End the result bellringer had to choose which side of the tank to swim to, his or mine.

Bellringer did not swim to me... :(

So thus I am left with the great fish dilemma. Unsure of what to do and snubbed by my own fish.

suggestions, humorous commentary and ideas are welcome


J. Duffy said...

I am sorry Mr. Nelson, but I think that it is time for you to let go. Or get a new bellringer.

Ben G. said...

Next time he has to decide, offer him a steak. It always works.

The JP II Campus Ministry Center said...

Apparently "El Campanero" has made his choice. Maybe this is just a semester abroad and he'll come back for summer break. We'll just have to wait and see.

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