Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Day

As many of you know I am about to finish the first of five years of studies for the priesthood. I must say I cannot believe it has almost been an entire year. It seems like just yesterday I was packing my car and making my way south for the start of this new journey. One year and countless papers later, I am still here!

Seminary Studies are divided into two parts Philosophy and Theology. In order to be a priest one must study two years of Philosophy (I lucked out only be required to study one) and then study four years of Theology. All the guys in the house that are studying Philosophy wear shirts and ties to class while Theology students where clerics (black shirt with the white priest collar). For April Fools Day this year all of the Philosophy Students wore Clerics and all the Theology Students wore shirts in ties. When the priests processed in for Mass it was hilarious as the entire seminary was essientially backwards and it was one of those scenes that did not look right. Well all got a charge out of it.

Next year I have two ideas for this important day.

#1. Raise and leave the NH flag on the flagpole

#2. Choir Madness

when we say our prayers each day we chant the liturgy of the hours/pslams. Our chapel is set up in such a way that the two sides directly face each other with an aisle in the middle. When we chant we go back in forth with each side doing for lines, followed by the other. On the left side of the chapel there are two seats reserved for the readers and the leader who say a few special prayers. Next year I would like to get everyone on the left side to sit on the right so that the entire seminary is on one side with only the reader and leader on the left. THis would force them to chant there half of prayer by themselves for the entire service. LOL

Not sure if it makes sense to you or not, but it would be funny to stick the two poor souls on there own.

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Did Bellringer... pass on?


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