Saturday, September 20, 2008

Video Link!

When we first arrived at Seminary last month some of the guys made an wicked funny orientation video. Below is a link to part of it where they spoof Star Wars. The two main characters are seminarians, the final figure a very funny member of the faculty. Enjoy the clip and a little look at the back of the building.

-Time to write another paper :(


thatrotierkid said...

special effects werent bad at all! i am impressed.

the funny thing is, we have kids at wpi that dress like that on a regular basis and have mock-lightsaber fights on the campus quad.

Mike Giberti said...

This video is hilarious :D Thanks for sharing it with me. Good luck once again in seminary.

Anonymous said...

andrew your blog spot was interesting!! I loved the pictures !! wow a video too. Your blog tells inportant lessons wich is very good. Love Lisa

TV said...

seminarian humor??

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