Monday, September 8, 2008

A Typical Day

Many of you have emailed asking what a typical day is like, so here was today in a recap.

7:00am Wake-Up
7:05am Think about getting out of bed
7:10am Five more minutes
7:15am Get Up
7:35am Dressed and Ready to go (I have to wear a shirt and tie to class each day)
7:40am Breakfast (Raisin Bran, Yogurt & a cup of tea)
7:55am Head to the Chapel
8:00am Morning Prayer
8:30am My First Class- History of Philosophy- (ahhhh, not to bad today it actually
made sense)
9:45am Class ends :) Head to the Cafeteria for a glass of lemonade
9:55am Fundamentals of Catholicism Class (mostly lecture, but interesting!)
11:15am Class ends :) Head to the library for a quick read of the paper
11:30am Mass
12:15pm Lunch (ham sandwich on 12 grain bread + bowl of potato soup)
1:00pm Check the mail, have none :(
1:10pm Head to my room to drop off my books
1:15pm Get an email with names of Spiritual Directors to choose from
1:16pm Quick call Father John, a priest on the list, the only one who worked in
a school. Figured he would be a good match. Not there, left message (he
can only take one person)
1:20pm Head to my new bank to withdraw money to pay bills. No money
Am mad, call the bank, apparently when at this bank when you open an
account they hold your checks for two weeks. Who does that? Not happy,
try to be forgiving like Jesus, want to throw stones instead, settle for
grumbling here (Wednesday will make two weeks :) Wednesday will also be
the day I close my account and go to Bank of America instead, they were nice

1:30pm Get back to my room, Father John calls, we set up a meeting

1:35pm Begin reading boring packet
1:36pm Wish I wasn't
1:38pm Still wish I wasn't

2:30pm Check email

2:55pm Panic and realize I have a 3:00pm class, run down four flights of stairs

3:05pm Realize class does not begin until 3:25pm

3:06pm Realize I am a fool

3:25pm Prayer/Priesthood Class begins (love it, great priest teaching it,
enjoyable and fun)

5:00pm Head to Chapel

5:15pm Evening Prayer

5:45pm We say Prayers in the lobby around a statue of Mary

5:50pm Dinner (chicken + pasta + iced tea - not bad)

6:00pm Read Time Magazine

6:15pm Continue with Homework

7:15pm Miss call

7:25pm Get Photo text message of my friends and fellow seminarians eating ice
cream, with the message "you should have answered this call"

7:45pm Go to the Pharmacy to turn in a prescription (I am allergic to something)

8:15pm Head on my nightly 2.5 mile walk

9:00pm Return and spend some time in the chapel

9:25pm Chat with the guys in my hall

9:35pm Check email

9:45pm Work on blog

10:25pm Will get ready for bed, say prayers, read some more, watch some tv and
head to bed

11:30pm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Alexa S said...

Your day certainly isn't boring! How is Bellringer VI doing? And you know...maybe you would have some mail if you gave us your address! haha :)

John D said...

that is absolutely fantastic

The JP II Campus Ministry Center said...

Sounds luxurious!

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