Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I will be posting again later tonight but could not let today pass without wishing a special Happy Birthday to the greatest fan of bellringers ever to attend Trinity High School (besides me of course- as this is a public blog I will not post this current Sophomore's name, but you know who you are- if you need a hint and are a current Trinity student... cross the story of the prodigal son and one's enthusiasm for bellringers...). As this blog is 1/2 bellringers I needed to make special mention. In your honor. I am posting a bellringer J.F.Y.B. Just for Your Birthday. Who could ask for a better present?

In 3/4's of page describe the perfect theology themed birthday party.

p.s. I might suggest writing it down and passing it out when you celebrate tonight.

p.p.s. Seriously- have a great birthday (you can thank one of your teachers for this posting, they mentioned it was your birthday and I knew it needed to be recognized)!

* if you are not one of my former students and are reading this blog, sorry this posting is an inside joke.

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Cathy W. said...

Mr. Nelson,
You had so better recognize my birthday! You have no excuses as it is your half birthday. Look out for a surprise from the other member of the October 17th Club!

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