Friday, September 5, 2008

My First Installment of Pictures

Sorry for the delay with these. Apparently I need a new cord for the camera. Not to worry I will be heading to the store this weekend. These are ones I borrowed from the guy next door.

I hope everyone has had a great week. It has been a long one here, but a good one. Today we had to have our idea photos taken. It was a little strange because I had to wear clerics, translation- the black shirt with white collar that a priest wears. Normally I am expected to wear a shirt and tie every day. Next year i will have to wear "clerics." It is hot down here and part of me wonders if wearing white would have felt better. Then again knowing me wearing white is not such a good idea, it would quickly be destroyed unless I wore a bib, not to mention the contrast with my tan would look funny.

I can't wait to post some pictures of the chapel tomorrow. It is an amazing place. There is nothing as calming as visiting and praying in an empty chapel late at night when you are stressed with work. I honestly wonder how much stronger everyone's faith would be if they had so a chapel to pray. In the end I suppose it is not the chapel that hears the prayers, but God and he is everywhere.



Cathy W. said...

Everything looks so lovely! Your comment about wearing white is really funny, too. I wear black everyday, though, and you get used to it, lol

Mike Giberti said...

Mr. Nelson,

I hope you are having an amazing time in seminary. St. Mary's seems like a beautiful place filled with God's blessings. School is going well, but is missing the awesomeness of your presence. I met Mr. Mal, the new campus minister and he is very upbeat and has a great positive attitude towards things. I will still be altar serving masses at Trinity (including the Freshman Liturgy this Sunday), and doing other things. I also made it into NHS and will be doing service projects, etc. with them. Anyways, may God guide you along the way and I hope to see you soon.

Lauren Pearsall said...

haha you're tan. :)

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