Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update ·2

Only five minutes to post today. May try later if I can get back on.

So far so good. Amazing views, amazing people, great food

Have hiked with people from around the world.


¡ a Dutch woman on pilgrimage in memory of her son who died two years ago

- A joyous priest from California and Mexico who is celebrating 75years a priest

- A Korean woman seeking wisdom for a job change

- A Spanish man making the Camino with hand crutches

- A Swiss Catholic man who hiked over 2,000 km from his home.

Since we left there has not been a cloud in the ski. Which is great, but also hard as it heats up and the hike begins to feel like a death march. Drinking plenty of water, resting and doing about 20 miles a day.

Out of time!

Happy PĂȘntecost.

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