Tuesday, May 18, 2010

El Camino

After arriving safely in Spain and enduring a long six hour bus ride I am in the midst of the Camino. Having just put money in to use the hostal computer, I am told I only have five minutes of time. After hiking for three days I am sore, tired and stiff. However, it has been a wonderful journey so far. Yesterday we hiked to the top of a large mountain and enjoyed a splendid night in a mountainside village. The village Ciercibo (sp?) was the home of a Eucharistic miracle many years ago and the village in which Queen Isbella stayed when she made her Camino.

Having entered the Spanish region of Galicia I am amazed at the similarities to Ireland. It is filled with rolling green hills, cows in the fields and the streets and lazy dogs seemingly every ten feet. One suprising thing is that there are literally hundreds of people from around the world hiking at the same time, on pilgrimage. I am told the closer we get to Santiago the crazier it gets, with some hostals housing 800 people. One minute left. bye!!!!!!!

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