Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yet again I am compared to that little kid on the Christmas Story!

Begining a couple of days I go my left eye started hurting. Not wanting to go to the doctor and presuming it would get better I waited. Well, finally yesterday I decided to make my way to Patient First and get checked out. After a few minutes they determined I need to go to Sinai Hospital to get looked out by a specialist. I must admit I was a little nervous heading to the hospital and not knowing what was up. After a few hours in the emergency room and lots of waiting I was finally evaluated. After a few tests the Doctors determined I had a badly scratched cornea. The good news was, despite the pain, it is cureable and fairly common. They gave me medicine for my eye and vicodin and sent me on my way. A day later my eye feels much better but still is sore. Friday I am scheduled to go to the Krieger Eye Institue to be checked out for my progress. The good news is I think I should be all set.

The bad news is based on the appt. and the likely need for a follow up to the follow up I will be sticking down here for my vacation (which begins friday)! Say a few prayers they don't make me where an eye patch. If they do I will have to speak pirate.

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Elena said...

But you're so fluent in pirate!

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