Thursday, February 5, 2009

Installation as Lector

Today I will be installed as a Lector at a special Mass celebrated by the Bishop of Camden. As I only have five minutes before I head to class I will keep this short.

Along the path to priesthood there are a series of steps one takes, the most famous of which is becoming a deacon. Today I will take the first step when I am installed as lector at 4:30pm. It should be a exciting and meaningful afternoon. My parents are coming down,as are many of my classmates parents. I suppose it gives them a good excuse to visit. None-the-less at the Mass each of the candidates for lector's name and diocese will be called. When mine is called I will have to stand, with hands folded, and say present. After that i will join a line of others doing the same. Then I will go and kneel before the Bishop, place my hand on the Bible as a prayer is recited. After that it is back into the line, back to my seat and on with the Mass.

It is kind of crazy that I will be taking the first step, be it a very small one. None-the-less it has given me much to pray about. It is crazy how when one has to think about it, it is powerful to be called to read the word of God, as a lector.

I will let you know how it goes and try to post some pictures, as I am sure my parents will embarass me while taking them.

Ahhhh three minutes until class....

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