Thursday, November 20, 2008

Multiple Endings, Your Choice

Did you ever read one of the books as a child where you got to choose your own ending? This posting/continuation of the last one/ works that way, only one of the endings is real. The others are j.f.f. (just for fun).

Ending # 1. I realized that my tires were bald. This of course was bad news, very bad. Tires are outrageously expensive and it looked as if I needed four more. I furiously went inside and began calling around for quotes. Being a seminarian means being in formation and as a student full time, translation= having no money and not being able to earn any. The first several places quoted $500 (including an alignment).
Looking at my checking account and then again at the cost I was getting rather nervous. After hours of searching on line I found the perfect place where I could get four great tires for only $400. There was no way this deal could be too good to be true. So, the next day, Saturday, I plugged the address into a borrowed G.P.S. and away I went. The tire store was in Maryland, so I thought how far away, could it really be? I mean after all Maryland is not big of a state right?
So, off I went on my journey. The G.P.S. was not behaving and for some reason claimed it was 90 minutes away. Surely there was some mistake. So I kept driving and as I drove the time kept getting later. Two hours later I arrived. What on earth made me drive two hours to the middle of nowhere for tires! The service was great. As I sat in the lobby I played with the GPS and discovered I was as far south as Richmond, Virginia, but at the southernmost tip of the state. AHHHHH
After two hours back, I made it just in time for dinner, tired, annoyed and poor. However, thanks to the generosity of a great friend I was able to cover the tires. So, if you are ever in the farthest reaches of Maryland I know a great place for tires.....

Option #2. I realized I left my meal at Burger Kind

Option #3. I realized that there was a small kitten trapped in a tree by a hungry bear which was below. I climbed the tree and rescue the small kitten. On my way down I fought off the angry bear and happily returned the kitty to its 85 year old owner.

Hope you picked wisely. Stay tuned for my next adventure.... a dark and stormy night.... a get away car and a possible faith crisis....


Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!!!!! Your trip to Virginia was worth it to save that poor defenselesss kitten! That has to be worth an indulgence or soemthing! Serioulsy, I'm VERY IMPRESSED!!!!!!!! I like your blog. But I'm still waiting for those pis from St. Francis Inn.....?????
Holding you in prayer -
Brenda Robinson

The JP II Campus Ministry Center said...

I like option three the best. While number one is probably the right choice, its more like you to save a kitten from a hungry bear.

How about...
Option 4: You got your tires fixed, on the way home you saw the kitten, and when you saved it, the kind woman paid for your tires.

Volney said...

What a fun story. :)
-Fr. Von

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