Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Bus, a Burger and a Bru Ha Ha

The other day I was went for a quick dinner at a local health food restaurant. It was a nice one that even had an armed police officer on duty in it 24/7, to make the customers feel safe. Although I must admit I felt less save when I realized that it is not a good sign if Kurger Bing needs an armed guard for the Whoppers.

None-the less I grabbed my "salad" and headed to the parking lot. The good thing was I did not stick out at all as a nerdy white guy with a salad. When I got to my car I prepared to pull out of the parking lot. I sat waiting for the right moment to head out into traffic. As I sat waiting I noticed a big Baltimore bus headed down the road on my side. Next thing you know I saw the driver put the blinker on and pull over a few hundred feet from my exit. Seeing my opportunity to finally leave I pulled out.

I am not sure if it was my New Hampshire liscence plate, whether the bus driver was intimated by me or if he was jealous of my 2003 toyota camry, but suddenly the driver was coming at me at full speed. I may be a seminarian but I was not quite ready to meet God yet. Visions flashed through my head of the newspaper articles that would follow. Seminarian killed leaving Burger King.

Being the good driver I am, I stepped on the gas. At that very moment, to my horror, my car stood still. My tires began to spin widely, but my car barely moved. Don't panic, I said to myself, that is not a large bus moving at 40 mph in my rear view mirror. It is not really closer than it appears.

Hey look the nice man driving the bus is trying to say something to me. Oh, he is waving to me. Isn't that nice.

Welcome to Baltimore!

Well a little shaken up I arrived back at St. Mary's. It was at that very moment that I realized, to my horror that...

to be continued


Anonymous said...

haha sounds like your having a good time, mr nelson

hey i'm getting confirmed tomorrow! pray for me :)

Anonymous said...

Ah a real cliffhanger!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah a real cliffhanger!!!!!!!

Holly said...

we all miss you sooo much!
Trinity is completely different without you!
I am totally bummed that we arent doing community service this year.
please come back and visit!

Anonymous said...

I'm dying here. What happened??

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