Friday, January 13, 2012

Cut Off From the World: A Blessing and a Curse

This week my phone officially died. In an increasingly technological world it has been a big adjustment to get used to being without a phone at my side. At first the great challenge was being without the phone as a watch. It is amazing how dependent I had become on even this small part/operation of my phone. After learning to figure out which clocks in the Seminary are accurate and which ones are lies, I settled into a routine. There is something nice about not always knowing the exact moment, something nice about being able to simply rest in the moment.

The challenge of being without a cell phone has been great as I am a big texter and I like to keep in touch with my family on a regular basis. Luckily my friends have been kind and lent me a phone when needed. I am hoping my brother will be able to send out his old extra phone soon, so that I can be back in business.

All of this being said I must say I kind of enjoy being hard to get in contact with. It is like being on a mini retreat. I have been enjoying quiet time and it certainly has reminded me of the great importance of not getting too plugged in.

Today at Mass the celebrant gave a great homily in which he discussed how many people will check their phones when they get a text while driving. He freely admitted that most of us do. His point was simple, we always check texts while driving because we think it might be something important. We check texts at meetings, at restaurants, with family present, when we are talking with others, because someone might have something important to say. However, he also noted that God speaks to us, he calls us, he texts our hearts and our very beings, yet so many of us are too busy to respond, to busy to see what he has to say in our hearts, in his Word, in Scripture. We check text messages because they might have something important to say, yet let the Bible collect dust, despite knowing that God uses the Word to speak to our hearts, show us the way, and tell us something most important.

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Colin said...

I loved this post. I am going to use what you have in the last paragraph with my girls and with my conformation class, and with me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I hope my family and I are close enough to attend some of your masses when you become a priest (smile). Colin

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