Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Vianney Cup

Yesterday was a long and hard fought day! Participating in the first annual Vianney Cup, the men of St. Mary's fought hard against Mt. St. Mary's, St. Charles and Theological College seminaries.

In our first round of play we faced Mount St. Mary's, the undisputed champion of seminary soccer tournaments for all of recent history. The Mount is the largest seminary in the region. They are like a well oiled machine. They are undefeated and are lead by a former professional soccer player. At St. Mary's Roland Park we are a bunch of guys who love soccer, have a great heart and spirit. We worked hard, practiced and gave it all our and came up just shy.

During our match against the Mount we held them to 2-2 at the half. It was wonderful to see the shock and panic in their faces as the underdog went toe to toe against the big dogs. In the second half they got two quick goals as we were slow out of the gate and a bit jumpy. They responded and by the time we got back into it five minutes later it was too late, with a 5-3 loss. The great part was that our guys played unbelievable well and that in one year we have turned our team around from the Bad News Bears to a Tour de Force! A figure it was a great sign when they had to keep their entire starting line up in for the entire game.

After lunch and a break it was back to game two where we beat Theological College 2-0.

Enjoy these pictures. I am off to Mass.


Anonymous said...

Those blue uniforms are disgusting. Whoever designed them obviously has no sense of good taste or design.

Colin said...

Love your BLOG, it's always so wonderful to read it.

Did you play? I didn't see you in the pictures. Anyone else from New Hampshire in the Game?

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