Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Week of Classes

This week marks the first official week of classes. The good news is we are finally getting things going again. The bad news is there is tons of reading, writing and lectures ahead. This semester I have five full time classes plus a pastoral internship.

My classes are as follows:

The Gospel of John- A class examining the Gospel of John taught by a brilliant priest
from the Philippines. The good news is he is brilliant, the bad news is he has high expectations and wants us to be brilliant too.

Prophetic Literature- A examination of the Prophetic books of the Old Testament. It is taught by a priest named Father Michael Barre. He is a world expert in ancient languages and my mentor. He is also brilliant, absolutely hysterical and a kind, generous and caring man.

Christology- This class explores our understanding of who Jesus is and how this understanding developed over the early Church. Christology is taught by a kind priest from Vietnam whose personal story is an incredible witness to faith.

Sexuality, Celibacy and Marriage- This class deals with many of the challenging topics facing the Church and the world today. The priest that is teaching is new to St. Mary's and seems incredibly reasonable as well as humorous (dry sense of humor).

Introduction to Pastoral Theology- This class focuses on how a priest interacts with people in pastoral and counseling situations. The priest teaching it will be requiring us to do a lot of role playing in front of the class.

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Colin said...

Where is your pastoral internship with?

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