Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bocce Ball Tournament

Yesterday we held our annual Bocce Ball Tournament. It was a great way to end two full weeks of classes. This year as Community Life Chairman I was in charge of organizing the event. In the end we fielded 32 teams of Bocce Players and the Tournament included almost the entire house. This year I was able to introduce a 8 x 8 leaders board/bracket and fun Yankee swap style prize distribution system. After 4 1/2 hours of play we were able to crown a champion team.

The Tournament included a BBQ (prepared by NH's own Charles Pawlowski) and a live Band. I was in charge of updating the giant players bracket and giving out prizes. In the end it was a wonderful night, enjoyed by all.

Fr. Michael Barre, my mentor at the Seminary. A brilliant and kind hearted priest!

N.H.'s Charlie Pawlowski tending the BBQ. (It is one of his specialties)

Diocese of Wilmington Seminarian Chris Coffiey, a great friend who I shared a parish assignment with last year

The Dean of Men, Father Ed Griswold (Fr. Ed is a priest from the Diocese of Trenton- he is also incredibly kind and very real)

My good friends Dan Quinn (left) and Jason Hage (right)- Dan was my co-chair for orientation and works with me on all house activities. Jason made the Camino pilgrimage with me this past summer and is one of my closest friends.

Jhon Madrid and House President Brian Capuano

Two new seminarians studying for dioceses in NJ. Jean (left) is originally from Hati and Marcin (right) is from Poland.

Father Hy, my Christology teacher who gives great homilies. A Father Hy homily is very short, but sticks with you for a long time.

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