Saturday, March 13, 2010

If A Tree Falls On the Car Next to Me, Does it Mean I am Lucky?

Following Mass this morning I went about my usual routine and grabbed breakfast in the Refectory. After enjoying conversation with friends there suddenly was a great deal of commotion as people began crowding the windows to look outside. There was some laughter and concern. I am not going to lie to you I was real nervous when they starting talking about a tree falling on a car. Not wanting to seem panicked I remained calmly in my seat enjoying some toast. The only problem was they were looking out side towards my car.

Well after a little investigation it seems the wind was blowing away from my car last night. Unfortunately for some friends it was blowing toward their cars and a large tree crashed to the ground. Strangely enough the closest car to the tree was one of those mini-"smart" cars. Luckily for the owner he only used 1/2 the parking spot, as the tree landed primarily on the empty portion. Either way it added to an otherwise boring rainy day.

Currently I am scrambling to answer my two questions on a group study sheet for a midterm on Tuesday. At 2:00pm I have to help lead tours for 150+ 8th graders from my parish. It will be a busy day for sure.

In the meantime I have moved my car to the front parking lot which is away from trees. Of course knowing my luck their will be a meteorite shower, lol. .

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