Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Busy Week!

The last few weeks have been crazily busy with way too much work to keep track of. The light at the end of the tunnel will not be visible until the end of next week when we finish exams. The life of the first theologian currently consists of writing papers, trying to muddle through books and studying for exams. Somewhere in the middle of that we sneak in things like having some fun and getting out of the house from time to time.

Last night was one of those rare moments when we were able to forget about our work in order to have some fun. A group of 10-12 of us went out to celebrate the birthday of a good friend, Jason. Jason was celebrating his 24th birthday so we took him out to a local tavern. Because we all had lots of work and parish assignments we could not head out until 8:30pm. After a few rounds and lots of food we entered a trivia tournament. It was a blast and the Manchester guys, called MHTBWI, clocked everyone else and won with a 2-1 margin.

After the celebration we returned to the house for some birthday cake. Since Jason is Lebanese and very proud of all things from Lebanon, we decided to have some fun. I made him a birthday cake out of pita bread and humus. He thought it was a real cake until he cut into. It was a great way to take a breather during a crazy time..

I have decided to post this photos, even though Jason will kill me if he ever finds out. Enjoy!

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