Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome Back!

After a wonderful morning with my parents I made my way to Boston to fly back to the seminary for the start of the second semester. After being picked up at the airport by a good friend I made my way to the seminary and caught up with the guys, unpacked my things and picked up my grades and schedule for the new year. I was very pleased with my grades, although a little embaressed that I only got an A- on the very subject I taught for five years, the Pentateuch. Oh well, guess it is a good lesson in humility. I am worried about the new semester and some challenging professors who enter into the equation, including one who assigns mountains of reading for each class and another who seemingly has the entire Bible memorized. Needless to say the standards being set in the classroom this semester will be high, real high. Here is to hoping I got my A game on.

Grades from Last Semester:

Ancient & Medieval Christianity - A

Fundamental Theology - A

Theological Anthropology - A-

Pentateuch- A-

Introduction to Liturgy- A-

New Classes:

Modern and Contemporary Catholicism
(Mondays/Thursdays- 8:30-9:45am)

Foundations in Moral Theology
(Tuesdays/Fridays- 9:55-11:10am)

Spirituality and Practice
(Mondays/Thursdays- 1:30-2:45pm)

Doctrine of God
(Tuesdays/Fridays- 3:00-4:15pm)

Synoptic Gospels
(Mondays/Thursdays- 9:55-11:10am)

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